Dreams brought them together. Visions of a towering white pillar, reaching towards the heavens. Little did they know what lay in store…


These five heroes were drawn by their visions to a great crystalline column in the arctic wastes, all arriving simultaneously to meet each other for the first time. As the adventurers drew together, the pillar shrunk into a miniature version of itself, less than a foot long. It then began to pulse steadily with a bright red light. Suspecting the item to be a beacon, the group headed south, hoping to discover what the object lead to. Perhaps more importantly, how they were all connected to it, and to each other.

During their adventures, the group was joined by Helios. He too had had the visions of the pillar, though he had been too far away to arrive there when the others did. Even still, he was drawn to their presence. What is this mysterious connection that binds these adventurers together?

Places of Note: Blind Marsh, Brindinford, Kings Dagger, Zanth Barri

Characters of Note: Ghaerleth Axom, Namfoodle Oneshoe Murnig, Skreklekk, Sousa, Squim, The Blessed, Therenthaughagerak, Uildo, YukYuk


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